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Why Fishing?

Why Do We Go Fishing?

There are so many benefits why people go fishing whether it be for recreational purposes, to compete against other anglers as a sport, or to simply get away from the stresses and strains of a busy lifestyle.

Several benefits you gain from going fishing are, firstly there is the exercise you do in getting to and from your chosen fishing spot. While on the banking there is the higher levels of oxygenated air due to the surrounding environment of trees, shrubs and bankside vegetation. Even simply sitting outdoors where the air is pure, it is good for the heart and lungs and helps to oygenate the blood.

While fishing there is the added bonus of being at one with nature. This will vary dramatically from venue to venue and one day you could be fishing on the bank of a flat calm lake with a stunning backdrop, the next time you go, you could be fishing on a slow flowing river where to scenary may vary considerably.

One thing is for sure that as the seasons pass, so will the different types of birds, plants and animals that you share with while you fish.

Reducing stress.


The anxeity and stress levels that we may carry from our day to day routine, whether it be working full time or caring for others can be greatly reduced as we concentrate on trying to catch a fish and not on our everyday challenges.

Fishing gives the angler a sense of inner calm which cannot be achieved as easily with other activities, while waiting for a bite the angler has to practice the art of patience. This could vary dramatically depending on the skill level or luck of the angler, or wether or not the fish are even in the area.


Whilst bieng patient the angler still has to be ready to strike at the bite which could happen at any moment, this could be the float shooting under at high speed or a slow gentle sinking. If you blink you could miss it! It requires self control to not strike too hard but fast reactions to not miss the bite.

Organisational skills

Choosing your fishing tackle gives you organisational skills whereby you have to try to preplan what will happen on the banking before you get there, although this sometimes cannot be done until you see the actual venue.

It takes practice to tie delicate lines and hooks and this will give you better dexterity as both hands have to be used when preparing your gear. Most parts of fishing require the use of both hands, although this is not the rule as many people with reduced dexterity enjoy fishing. This is made easier with suitable fishing tackle available nowadays.

Pre-tied hook lengths, pole rollers to help when bringing fish in while using a long pole, or suitable brackets and rod rests to help where both hands cannot be used.

Many commercial or man made fisheries up and down the country are now designed with all the facilities that every angler may need for a good day out fishing. On site toilets, tackle shops which will have all the necessary gear and bait required,  cafe or restaurant, some may even have site lodgings which could be booked when wanting to stay longer. Most of all the bank sides are level for easy wheel chair access, and the lakes are usually highly stocked with an assortment of different species of fish to make for a more enjoyable day.

There is usually a good amount of information that can be found on how to go about fishing the venue either by the staff in the tackle shop or simply by asking local fisherman on the bank when you get there.

Anybody can fish

Fishing can be done by anybody from any age, gender or race and can be enjoyed for a whole lifetime!  This sport or recreation hobby can be done alone, with friends or even to compete against others in a competition style match. It does not matter whether you are the tallest or smallest person, the oldest or youngest, or whether you have any physical impairments, fishing can be enjoyed by everyone.

Each and every person will gain something different from fishing, this may be an inner peace with having the time to reflect on life as it is or should be.

For some it will be, to be at one with the nature and remove themselves from a busy noisy or chaotic world.

for others it will be the thrill of the hunt and to outwit a crafty or clever fish, this could take a lot of though, planning or even waiting for that ultimate bite.

No two days are ever the same in fishing!

One day you have finally found the perfect solution, you find the best spot with the number one bait and cannot fail no matter what you do.  You return the next day with the same bait and techniques and guess what?……… You can’t get a bite?

Fishing has a habit of not bieng conquered by any person, you can only control some of the variables, but if you can keep organised both with your tackle and willingness to catch no matter what, you will have success!

Whatever your reason to either go fishing or try for the first time, I know it will be the right one.

I wish you all success in your future fishing adventures.

Good Luck

Mick C



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