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Fishing Tackle MAP 901 Review

MAP TKS 901 16m POLE


After reading several reviews,…..

researching the internet over and over to find out every detail about MAP’s flagship pole. I was still unsure whether to invest in one as the price was always putting me off.

A days fishing with angling coach “Andy May

I’d booked a days fishing with Andy May on Gold lake at Partridge fisheries in Culcheth. What an amazing days fishing! We set up to fish up in the water with hard pellets. Flicking a MAP SF2 shallow float, lightly shotted with three number 11s and finished off with a 6mm banded pellet on a size 16 Guru Super MWG hook.


The fishing was going good catching fish up in the water quite regularly and I was happy with my catch rate, flick the rig, feed, strike, flick , strike, feed, flick,  strike…Fish On. and so on.

After having a laugh with Andy about how many missed bites I was getting with my own pole at the time (missed bites 12, hit bites 3), he then said he was going to spoil me and proceeded to take out a MAP 901 pole out of his holdall.

He obviously had to move me off my box and have a go first while I watched!

By the time I had sat on his box, he was pulling the pole back with a fish on, I was gobsmacked. “show me that again” I said.

He slid the pole out at lighting speed, fed, flicked the rig over keeping a tight line………….”FISH ON” Then proceeded to quickly ship back to half way while the white Hydro elastic did its job, he fed again, then shipped straight back to his top kit while he fed again.

Up popped an F1 about 3lb which he netted at ferocious speed. He then continued to catch another dozen or so F1’s, this was all within a few minutes. What an absolute class angler to say the least!

My First Fish with a 901

My turn to get hold of a 901?

I tried to copy exactly what Andy had just done, I’m not the best angler and only fish local club matches. I will probably never be as good as Andy is even if I practiced for years!

I shipped the pole out quickly but nervously as it didn’t belong to me!  Fed, flicked the rig, FISH ON. I didn’t even see the bite. The F1 had hooked itself because of the stiffness of the pole. I couldn’t believe it! I continued to gain confidence with this new weapon getting faster and faster. Shipping in and out with a 901 is an absolute dream, letting the pole slide so smoothly through your hands makes fishing so easy.

I was also learning to feed with a catapult accurately while holding the pole, with my pole any head movement to look at my bait tray was noticed with a dip or movement on the pole.

With the 901, I was still hooking fish while I was filling my catapult, most bites were self hooking while others were just a small movement at the butt end to set the hook.

It took about an hour to get used to how stiff it actually is!

I had  to gently strike at bites and not swing at them like with my other pole. I hit 14 out of 15 bites and landed every one at speed. I was absolutely amazed, I’d just put about 40lb of fish in the net in about 10 minutes.

Surely a pole cannot be this good or can it?

The fish must be queuing up now? I must be getting better at fishing shallow, whatever reason I could think of to try to make my pole not seem so under rated compared to the 901 I thought of.

Although absolutely blown away by this pole I was still sceptical. I had to try my pole again to have one final comparison.

I did everything the same as I had just learnt with the 901.

Shipping out I noticed I had to keep an eye on where the tip was as it was waving about a little. At speed shipping out I tangled my rig twice, when flicking the rig over it took a lot more effort at the butt end and a bigger loop of the pole tip to get the same action to flick the rig, I had to move the pole slightly to tighten the line to the rig as the pole tip had to settle from quivering.  When striking at fast bites I was missing them. What had happened? getting more frustrated and concentrating harder to try and connect with a fish, it just wasn’t the same.

My strike rate had gone from 14 out of 15 with the 901 down to a mere 6 out of 15 bites.

I’m not saying this pole is the answer to all your fishing prayers, but it sure does improve your catch rate in ways you cannot imagine.

SO…. technical data aside… price aside….. the 901 is an awesome piece of kit and it would be a good idea to build your fishing tackle around it!…… not use it as an addition to your gear.

9 seconds !!!

…………….Just for a bit of fun Andy and I had a bit of a competition to see how fast we could ship out to 13m, catch, ship back and land a large F1. I lost this one by 3 seconds, it took Andy on average between 12 and 15 seconds per fish with his fastest time being only 9 seconds!

“That is from pushing the pole out to dropping a fish in the net”


My 901

I have owned a MAP TKS 901 pole for about 18 months after that day out with Andy and thought that it was only fair to let everyone know how good it actually is!

I have stopped double figure carp from running behind  islands on several occasions, fished at 16m shallow for 5hrs! (bit sore the next day as I’m not the most athletic), and hit lighting fast bites from F1’s and silver fish at all times of the year, especially when the next peg is missing bites. When snagged with 0.16 line I have really leaned into the pole with elastic bottomed out and the pole bent double to release the rig.(not that I’d recommend it as its a bit scary thinking your pole is going to break)

This pole can do it all!

My original pole was worth well over £1500 but I wont mention what brand it was, I personally thought it was excellent, but there is just no comparison to the 901.

If your thinking of upgrading your pole in the future then definitely take a look at a 901.

you may be slightly surprized, I know I was……..not anymore!

Good luck and tight lines!




  1. Henderson

    After reading your post Mick, if like to call this one the magic pole. Worked for Andy, worked for you too without do much experience with the pole in the past, that’s some very divine stuff there. I go angling once in a while with my dad and I am going to grab up this tackle map 901, basically because I want to show off to my dad who intimidates me with his catch whenever we go out there. Thank you for not keeping this beauty to yourself.

    • Mick

      Hi Henderson

      It really was a great day and the pole actually did the work for me. They are flagship poles and that is reflected in the price. But then again you can’t put a price on absolute quality!

      Thanks Mick 

  2. RoDarrick

    Hello! 9seconds is simply out of this world. I am amazed at how great this tackle map 901 works and it feels excellent to know of this. I really wish I can get myself this at least I would know that every time I am out fishing, I’d be sure to come home with a worthy catch rate. Seriously, you guys are exceptional and I would definitely check out the stores for this. Thanks

  3. John

    Wow, this is a very good post you have written here about this pole. I am also thinking of getting a new pole and seeing that there is something like this that can help my catching experience is very good. With this, I can make better catch and show off to my friends. I also see that you have mentioned that it is very durable, that’s is a very good thing. Thank you for sharing this with us. Most definitely, I am going to grab one of this 901.

    • Mick

      Hi John

      It definitely makes a big difference when you personally own one and have used it for over 18mths,  I feel only then you can appreciate how good it is and what it can do.

      Thanks Mick 

  4. Tracy

    Interesting article you have up here and I am very happy to have come across this article. To be honest,  i love fishing a lot. But, my catch rate generally has been bad and as such, I was losing interest in it in little bits but then, seeing that such a fishing tackle as this tackle map 901 exist and it can help me out makes it all seem great to know of and I would be ecstatic to get one of this for myself too. Thanks

    • Mick

      Hi Tracy

      The pole is definitely stiffer than all the others on the market which helps when hitting those extra quick bites. Especially when in a competition when every bite counts!

      Thanks Mick

  5. Nethmal Sellahewa

    9 seconds? Wow! Yeah I heard MAP TKS 901 is one of best in the market. In my opinion the price is little bit expensive but It’s worth the money. Lot of my friends also recommended this pole several times. One time I used one of my friends to get the experience and I think it is very easy to handle than others.

  6. Willy

    This is a really interesting and serious story… You have really had a lot of experience in fishing and this is a respectable fact because experience is the best teacher…my friend who fish for a living was told me about how miraculous the Fishing Tackle map 901 is really effective and trustworthy for a good catch. I am glad I am confirming this from a very experienced Person. Thanks for this helpful article.

  7. Dane

    Hello Mick, I must confess your experience kept me laughing. Looking at the 901 I must say I am impressed with the way it works and all. But I would love to purchase this MAP TKS 901 pole based on how efficient it was from your description. But I would like to know more about its quality. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Mick

      Hi Dane

      The quality of the pole is second to none, each section has a smooth but not polished finish. Some poles with a polished finish are excellent in dry weather but can seem a little too slippery when used in the rain. Another aspect of the pole is the actual wall strength. (thickness of pole carbon) Some poles are absolutely solid but also carry a lot more weight. Others are very lightweight but can be flexed with the hand when removing or joining the sections. The 901 has both the wall strength and it is very light. A combination of both qualities is a must for the serious angler


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